BERLIN, March 24, 2020 – New app: Holoswitch enables users to stay connected to their social world while experiencing Virtual Reality.

– Connect your social life to Virtual Reality experiences

– Answer phone calls, messages and more without leaving VR

– Beta Tester: „With Holoswitch I can finally relax and hang out longer in VR

triple A code GmbH released today “Holoswitch”, a mobile app that allows users to take their smartphones to Virtual Reality experiences. Holoswitch supports all SteamVR compatible platforms and is available today for Android and soon for iOS.

The Holoswitch app bridges the disconnect between virtual and real life. It helps users to continuously enjoy their VR experiences without missing out on real life. Phone calls, messages, and other app notifications get forwarded from the smartphone directly to the VR headset. With Holoswitch’s upcoming features also users will be able to capture favorite VR moments and share them back to the mobile or use their phone camera as a surveillance camera to protect their privacy while in VR.

Until now, users of Virtual Reality regularly have to check if they are missing something out in real life. The constant fear of missing out a phone call, friends or family talking to you or a delivery waiting at your doorstep, makes it hard to enjoy VR for a longer period of time.

Holoswitch helps to remove the barrier of social and real-world isolation so that more people can enjoy VR for a longer period of time. Whenever real life asks for attention, users get aware of it and relieving them from the fear of missing out.

After a successfully closed beta phase and receiving highly positive feedback from users, triple A code’s CEO André Gröschel said: “Finally you don’t experience a complete disconnect to the real life anymore when in VR. Essentially, you can now take your phone functions with you and stay connected to your social life.

To get started simply download and install the Holoswitch PC client and the mobile app. Once installed, open the app and pair the VR headset and mobile phone. After that, choose what events you want to be notified of.

As Patrick, a beta tester put it ”If I spent an evening in VR, I always had the feeling to miss something. It’s very annoying to take the headset off in the middle of a game or something just to check for messages on my phone. With Holoswitch I can finally relax and hang out longer in virtual space. Whenever I receive messages or notification, I see them directly in my headset.”

Find out more on and try it today.

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