BERLIN, February 16, 2021 – Full Release: Holoswitch app helps users to stay connected to their social world while experiencing Virtual Reality.

triple A code GmbH released today “Holoswitch”, an app that allows users to take their smartphones to Virtual Reality experiences. Holoswitch supports all SteamVR compatible platforms and is available today for Android and soon for iOS. Find out more on

Holoswitch is the „Missing Link“ between Reality and Virtual Reality by simply connecting the smartphone with a Virtual Reality device. It helps users to continuously enjoy their VR experiences without missing out on real life. Phone calls, messages, and other app notifications get forwarded from the smartphone directly to a virtual smart device on the user’s wrist and can be seen directly in the VR headset. 

Holoswitch also offers more revolutionary features. VR users can now create videos of their VR view easier than ever before. Instead of using external apps, VR users can now record videos directly from within Virtual Reality without taking off the headset. These recordings will be stored automatically on the PC and can be easily synchronized with the gallery in Holoswitch’s mobile app.

Moreover, Holoswitch’s „Peephole“ feature enables users to utilize their smartphone camera as a surveillance camera. For this, the smartphone gets simply placed at the desired location, and the camera live-streams directly to VR. 

Until now, users of Virtual Reality regularly have to check if they are missing something out in real life. The constant fear of missing out on a phone call, friends or family talking to you, or a delivery waiting at your doorstep, makes it hard to enjoy VR for a longer time.

Holoswitch helps to remove the barrier of social and real-world isolation so that more people can enjoy VR for a longer period. Whenever real life asks for attention, users get aware of it and relieve them from the fear of missing out.

After a successfully Early Access phase and receiving highly positive feedback from users, triple-A code’s CEO André Gröschel said: 
Our goal was to create an easy-to-use product that helps to connect the real world with the virtual world. To fight FOMO and to make VR experiences as convenient and immersive as possible. And I think we have succeeded very well.

Holoswitch’s users approve that and have already found creative use cases for the app:
„By using the Peephole it’s much easier to avoid stepping on a cat while in VR“

„I am diabetic and use an app that checks my blood sugar every 5 minutes. By using Holoswitch I can see my blood sugar while in VR. When playing very active games I tend to drop my sugar level real fast and need to watch it.“

„I was wondering if I’d be able to play VR while my toddler sleeps, with this I can use it as a baby monitor.“

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